Experience the beauty of Kangaroo Island at Ocean Yakka


An enchanting eco-tourism accommodation and experience where natural beauty meets sustainability with panoramic ‘spekky’ views and abundant native fauna and flora on this exclusive 100-hectare pristine bush and woodland.

Perfect for nature enthusiasts and eco-conscious travellers with a sense of adventure yet also tranquility.

Soak up the views from the 6-bed lodge accommodation or exclusive glamping (3 sites 500m from the lodge) and meander along the bush trails either guided or self-guided, along ocean clifftops, through numerous Yakka (Xanthorrhoea or Grass Tree), woodlands, endemic orchids (in season) and unique Mallee – leading through Lashmar Conservation Park to the stunning four-kilometer-long Antechamber Bay beach, ensuring an unforgettable retreat into nature’s embrace.

The lodge showcases leading edge sustainability with off-grid state of the art energy through wind, solar, battery and backup (if ever needed), energy management, heat pump hot water, induction cooktop, double glazing and excellent winter sun. Have zero carbon foot-print with no gas – except for the gas barbeque if its too windy for a log fire barbeque from locally sourced hard wood from fire hazard clearing. Enjoy the chemical free soft water with the latest in filtration systems for rainwater tanks. All waste water is recycled in an aerobic bio-digestor.

Revegetation efforts, invasive species control and water retention are on going in the pursuit of full regeneration and preservation of this ecological haven.

Hiking is self-guided (the GPS app is mandatory), or enjoy the luxury of a guided tour with full KI lunch provided.

At Ocean Yakka we are fortunate to have this 100Ha piece of land – with full access to 1km of coast within 200m and an 8km long beach just 2km away. This land can be enjoyed and appreciated, but needs to be looked after and preserved.