Staying at the Lodge

Staying at the Ocean Yakka Lodge

Ocean Yakka has an accommodation lodge for hire.

There are three bedrooms with full facilities on-suite, and an additional bath/toilet.

The site is fully offgrid, and reliable. We do expect moderate use of power & water.

Self walking is permitted, but you must download a GPS map [details here].
KML files will be provided.

The cost

$250/night for 2 people, + a $200 service fee per stay.
Extra people (up to a total of 6): $30/person/night.

Bookings here

We at Ocean Yakka, believe there is a way of taking from nature, as long as regeneration occurs at the same rate. That is surely the essence of sustainability. We also see Kangaroo Island as a special place, where regeneration of ecosystems can be undertaken alongside ecotourism and sustainable agriculture.

Do enjoy The 100 Ha of Ocean Yakka and indeed the adjacent Lashmar Park, but be cognisant of your impact on the land.